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Crafted with Intent

System Gallery - Newcastle Upon Tyne - 19th October - 10th November

Crafted with Intent is launching on the 19th of October with Mi Sisan featuring in this exhibition highlighting the debate between art and craft.

'Inspired by the crafted, colourful surfaces of Thailand and the Buddhist temples; Mi Sisan is a collection of knitted pieces. The patterns and colours of Thailand are translated into the work through diverse yarns, in a variety of textures and materials reflecting the craftsmanship behind the inspiration. Knitting is conventionally recognised as a craft, once something quite domestic it has seen a recent resurgence. Knitting is popular again; its versatility is appreciated by all ages with its place within society constantly evolving. To produce these pieces I have used a technique called Intarsia, which allows for unlimited colours unlocking the artistic potential within knitting. Intarsia has allowed me to explore knitting in an art form, to produce something with the expression of art but a process of craftsmanship.'

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