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Washing Responsibly

Washing clothes is one of the most damaging processes that will take place throughout the garments life therefore washing responsibly is super important!

Only wash your knitwear when absolutely necessary and when you do wash - WASH COOL.

Washing at 30 degrees helps the planet save precious energy and help keep knits looking their best. Some pesky stains may need a spot clean beforehand.

HANDWASH ONLY some delicate fabrics and luxurious fabrics like cashmere need extra TLC and are handwash only. Always follow the care labels to keep garments looking as good as new.

Manmade fibres such as polyester shed microfibres when they are washed which is damaging to our water supply and ocean life. Most of our knitwear is made from biodegradable natural fibres however, for the small percentage of synthetics within our garments there is a solution, GUPPYFRIEND washbag. 

Attaching this device can make such a difference with washing pollution.

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