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CRAFT - Thought Foundation Gallery

Some old my older work and a few new pieces are being shown as part of CRAFT at Thought Foundation in Gateshead.

CRAFT Exhibition

Date: Feb 6, 2020

CRAFT Preview 5th Feb 6-8pm Exhibition open till 26th April 2020

Lady Kitt//Connor Shields// Zara Worth//Laura Porter// Sara Cooper//Kathryn Lund// Tisna Westerhof//West End Women

The word "craft" has historically been more closely related to domestic chores than fine art practice. Regarded as women's work embroidery, sewing or knitting were practical skills for the home and family; excluded from the sphere of art history. This exhibition explores the past and present of craft-based contemporary art; considering how we can rewrite women's stories in art history by re-evaluating the significance of craft-based artworks and celebrating the contemporary engagement with craft techniques. ​The programme will also include opportunities for audiences to learn traditional and contemporary applications of craft.

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